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Ghost Story event

Enjoy the update!   :)

[Image: sWH8122.jpg]

Oh no.  This could be the one I don’t complete.  I have 3 events running now!

Nobby headbang

Gift box bug has been fixed on ipad.

Was there a gift box bug SCMT? I guess it didn’t affect my game.  Sm116

Bug = could not accept all on any filtered gifts (like random gifts).

Yes the gift box bug didn’t seem to affect all iPads. It’s affecting mine. I haven’t downloaded the latest update yet. Will do so tomorrow. Fingers crossed that mine is also fixed.

I’m running iOS 13.1.2 on my iPad, and I can’t get the update. It’s supposed to be automatic, but that’s not happening. When I go to the App Store, I see Seekers Notes, but the button says “GET” not “UPDATE” and it doesn’t do anything, in any case. Am I alone in this problem or are other iOS folks having trouble? Incidentally, I tried the process outlines in Mytona’s Help With Updates, and that didn’t work, either. 

Does anyone have a solution???


PKP (Pennyroyal)

I have the same IOS update and had a similar problem with the 2nd update that came through. I just continued to go to the App Store and kept trying, it finally went through. It was frustrating, but just keep trying.

I went to the game yesterday and it said there was an update and it asked me if I wanted to do it.  I clicked yes and it took me to the App Store and I got the update button.  No problem for me.  Sorry you are having problems PKP.

Nobby Sm116

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