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The Hallowe’en event still has a day to go, but this popped up last on my real info, no locked picture but I am getting lots of brown boxes!(From pictures and gem match!)
[Image: bw6pi8c.jpg]

I've been getting a few brown boxes as drops while visiting. Last time, the items showed up at the end of the inventory listing. Seem to have disappeared this time. I hope they are there when I get the new event started.

I have just checked and nothing like Elf has got.  What platform are you on Elf?

I did however receive a brown box from the ‘home page’ which went into my collections????

Nobby Sm111

I got that too - but it‘s all from the previous event, nothing new  Sm116

Same platform as you, Nobby, iOS iPad.

If you click on these strange boxes you can see how many you have! They don’t actually appear anywhere else...maybe they’re just a Halloween trick (or treat?)

Still, not many hours to wait now til this event finishes...then we’ll just have to wait and see what really happens...quite intriguing really...hahahaha

I am on iOS iPad. Nothing yet!!! Can’t wait. Hope it hits me soon. No longer able to check the “updates”page.Just have to wait. Hope to see you all there soon!

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