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Zombies.... are in fact useless....


If you don't have any crystals to spend for new keys to open the chests of the zombies, you only receive little stuff.
The good stuff s always in "the other chests".

I am so disappointed in them!

Btw: make sure you use up your Party Poppers before the event end (which is close now!)

Oh. Rubies. 

The 1st chest is free. The 2nd chest costs 20 Rubies and the 3rd 25. If they doubled the contents would it even then be worth 45 Rubies? They tend to be worthwhile during the first week of the Event or so.

With regular Monsters you stand a decent chance of getting the solitary free rewards chest, the 3-chest treasury only showing up sporadically. With the Zombies Monsters you ONLY get the 3-chest treasury, so if you don't spend the 45 Rubies to claim them all, you miss out on most of the potential prizes. 

If at any time you add up what it would cost you to buy from the Store all of the items included in the 2nd and 3rd chests, it would cost you at least 30 Rubies more, so there is some savings. As with Gift Boxes that only include items of value during the first week or so of the Event then fade off until they don't hold much of anything, the Zombies treasuries also decrease in productivity as the Event progresses.

While buying the Zombies treasury chests always come with a savings over buying their contents from the Store, at some point during the Event the items they contain are mostly things you probably do not want or actually need to buy, so their "deal" becomes unattractive. Earlier on they contain some valuable things you can use for the Event. Later their contents are pretty lackluster.

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