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Another token question

I'm 1000 tokens away from 5 stars.  I figured that's roughly 100 visits to The Hall, between the hall and the minigames.  That's not going to happen for me in one day. So is it worth it to maybe time travel and make the effort?  Or should I just let this one go?

If you have accumulated enough Event CIs and Event Assemblers you might be able to accelerate your acquisition of DTs by assembling the Event Collections. 

The most you can get from completing the Event location once is 6 DTs (Darkness Tokens). Complete the location 100 times and you'll get 600 DTs.

The 4th collection, "Mystery of a Disappearance" requires 9 of each Assembler and gives off 60 DTs (plus Stars, a Deciphering Cube, Energy, and Coins).

The 5th collection, "Mystical Werewolf Case" requires 10 of each Assembler and gives off 90 DTs (plus Stars, a Lighter, Energy, and Coins).

If you can assemble 10 Mystery of a Disappearance Collections you'll get 600 DTs (using 90 of each Assembler). If you assemble 10 Mystical Werewolf Case Collections you'll get 900 DTs (using 100 of each Assembler).

Many of my "Tokens found" were obtained by assembling all 5 Event Collections which produce 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 DTs from Collections 1-5 respectively. The Assemblers required are all 4 in quantities of 2, 3, 6, 9, and 10 for Collections 1-5 respectively.

The higher your level in the game the more CIs you can get from the later (higher producing) collections. By Master level you are able to accumulate all of the CIs for the first 3 collections readily, as well as some from the 4th and 5th collections. At Legend you can start filling in the 4th collection more easily, and the 5th a little bit. By the time you reach Expert the missing CIs from the 5th collection start filling in better.

Anyway, you might not be able to just assemble collections 4 and 5 to get 60 or 90 DTs to get what you need. Assembling just 1 of the 5th collection produces 6 times as many DTs as assembling 1 of the 1st collection. But your inventory of CIs from collections 1-3 should be much more abundant, so assemble as many Event Collections of every kind you can to immediately elevate your "Tokens found" stat to the greatest extent possible. 

Anything you can do to minimize the number of times you have to play the Event Location is important when there are only a few hours left in the Event and you have so many DTs to find.

Thanks! I used 100, thinking about the tokens I also get from the mini games. I only need one item in all the collections except Mystical Werewolf. I have always wondered if it helped to click the search button for items, rather than just going in.

Goo luck with whatever you decide.  If it was me I would save my energy etc for the next event.

Nobby Sm108

Thanks, Nobby. I'm trying to convince myself it's not that important, because it usually takes me most of the available time to complete the newly extensive events. Since I missed over half of it on a dream vacation, I cannot complain. But with only one task left, it seems like it should be within reach.

Just go for it!  Good luck!

Nobby Sm108

Using a Fairy Talisman or a Peacock Ring along with a Dragon's Eye and Golden Owl will enhance your ability to complete Quests, get Quest items, and generally find things you need in the least amount of time.

Even using the Fairy Talisman Supercombo I have not found that clicking on the Search button helps bring the item to the forefront any sooner than just going in. Just going in is somewhat quicker and, naturally, you'll have to play several times before whatever you're looking for randomly pops up.

Only 8 hours left to go on the US East Coast. Good luck.


Earlier in the month when I assembled a lot of Event Collections my "Tokens found" stats shot way up. I just now assembled quite a few more and it had no effect on my "Tokens found" stats, which should have climbed considerably. 

Therefore, the suggestion I made earlier may not work anymore. It just failed to work for me. Maybe this is an accidental effect of G5 getting ready to close down the Event.

I let it go. I just didn't have time. It also reset the event minigames to zero yesterday. So, I am all ready for the new event!

HC update in Apple Store.  The keys are now ‘turkeys’ and can be quite hard to find.

Good luck everyone.

Nobby Sm108

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