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Endless Journey Star Goals Nov2019


Happy November to you all.   Wishing all a wonderful thanksgiving season.

I seem to have lost the option to put in an attachment that used to be at the bottom of the chat section so I have posted the chart with the November event star achievements and how many of each are needed in order to complete via (hope it works).

Endless Journey Star Goals


Tahini do you mean the section that I’ve circled in green on my screenshot?

[Image: Rp2EBND.jpg]

(11-08-2019, 07:49 AM)DBs Wrote: Tahini do you mean the section that I’ve circled in green on my screenshot?

[Image: Rp2EBND.jpg]

Hi DBs,

Yes, the part you have circled for Attachments is not appearing for me anymore.

You need to hit the "New Reply" button. A quick reply has fewer options.

[Image: zVBbe3a.png]

Hi Jim,

Thank you, using New Reply does open up the attachment at the bottom of the post.  But when I did the original as a New Topic the Attachments section did not appear at all.

Here is the chart with the goals broken down for the new event.  Thanks guys.


Glad it worked for you!   S6

Thank you for the information Tahini, was hoping you would post it.  Big help knowing what to shoot for.  


You are very welcome ...  Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get the math figured out.   Was not 100% positive about the Vitaminic Items number, but after completing two rounds of that mini-event it may actually be accurate.


I wish they would not include the mini events into the star mix.  I was not going to do them, but at least this time they seem to be going to the same 5 places, and 3 of them I have memorized.  So ended up doing them after all.  Guess I will have to do one more to get the total.  With your totals posted, I get to see where I stand in the game, so thank you again for always posting the info on the board.   :)

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