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Help - What does this mean?

Can one of the experts help me - I went to swap one of my daily quests and this message came up - was does it mean “ progress in the old one will be erased”  Sm111

I have not seen it before!

[Image: f4gze4f.jpg]

Nobby :-0


This is a new feature. If you recall, when (for example) you got fed up with playing for five night mode which didn’t come, you decided to swap. Previously, if you had (say) two night modes already, before you swapped, those two night modes would still be there next time you were asked to play five. Are you with me so far? So, what this is saying is that, if you have started a quest but not finished, then swap, you lose your efforts, ie your two night mode are wiped.

On the other hand, we can now swap three DQ every day. I haven’t tried yet, beyond swapping one, which was free for watching a stupid video. So, I don’t know if the next one is still free or at a cost of rubies.

Does that help?

It always said that.

Thank you Linka - I get it now. 

You know me Jim - BaaB!

Nobby sm219

And it’s very similar Nobby to our quests in the AC quests in PP. We get a similar message if we swap quests there.   W2

Thanks DBs.  I get it now - it took me sometime but I got there in the end sm219 :p

Nobby Sm108

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